“Namangan Square”: The first skyscrapers and “smart city” in the Fergana Valley

Namangan Square

International construction company “MJ Developers” has announced the start of the ambitious project “Namangan Square”. The first Smart City in the region will be built on an area of ​​18 hectares by a developer with experience in large projects in Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and other countries.

Commenting on the event at a press conference held today with journalists from various media, Ankit Jalan, co-founder of MJ Developers, noted: “Namangan has been a center of handicrafts and original architecture for many centuries. While creating the concept of “Namangan Square”, our architects and designers were inspired by the amazing history of this pearl of the Fergana Valley. Being from the moment of its foundation at the intersection of the Eurasian trade routes, the city is now an important economic center, and our project is intended to become an organic part and a point of attraction for its business activity. We expect Namangan Square to be home to 10,000 residents by 2021. ”

About 325,000 sq. meters of office, residential and retail space is supposed to be built into more than 10 hectares of park space with a unique landscape design that combines ultramodern solutions with the ancient traditions of Namangan gardening.

A well-thought-out sports and recreational environment will provide residents and guests of “Namangan Square” with all the opportunities for full-fledged training: the project provides, in addition to running and bike paths, full-fledged workout and skating areas, as well as fields for basketball, tennis, futsal and golf. Advanced “green” technologies will make “Namangan Square” the most environmentally friendly area, allowing them to be further extended to the entire city and region.

The main decoration of “Namangan Square” will be two towers of unique design and construction. These first skyscrapers in the Fergana Valley will undoubtedly join the long list of tourist attractions in the region and its tallest architectural structures.

The “Namangan Square” project was designed by the world famous architect from India – Hafiz Contractor with extensive architectural design experience.