MJ Developers congratulates on Navrouz!


Navrouz is approaching – one of the most long-awaited holidays of spring and for good reason: it is met by the peoples of all Central Asia.

Navrouz is always associated with renewal, honoring traditions, joy and family pastime.

In this regard, MJ Developers is in a hurry to congratulate the people of Uzbekistan!

MJ Developers is a developer with over 15 years of experience in the international real estate market. Behind a large number of successful development projects in the UAE, Brazil, Russia and India. Mission of the company: “Building a new lifestyle”.

The company is known for such large-scale projects in Uzbekistan as:

Residential complexes Minerva City (100 ha) and Lake City (100 ha) in Tashkent and Namangan Square (18 ha) in Namangan;

Bukhara Hyatt Regency – a 5-star hotel in Bukhara.

Projects of residential complexes differ in the concept of construction – mixed-use development. The concept allows to organize residential, commercial and entertainment zones in one space, and is designed for the most rational, efficient distribution of time and other resources for residents within the complex.

This approach to construction is popular in the developed countries of the world.

Another distinctive feature of the company’s projects is turnkey apartments. Getting the keys and moving into a finished apartment will not require you any additional financial costs and a long wait.

MJ Developers strives not only to satisfy the needs of its customers, but also to comply with global trends.

Another key advantage of the company’s projects is the careful planning of landscaping. Thus, residential complexes will consist of greenery by more than 60%. Imagine how much time you can spend outdoors, walk along shady alleys and enjoy the silence, not the city noise.

The company often pleases customers with unique offers, promotions and sincerely thanks for the trust of all customers.

Let the holiday atmosphere fill you with bright feelings and joy, harmony and comfort always reign in the house, and MJ Developers has already taken care of comfort!