We are

MJ Developers is a strategic real estate development organization specializing in integrated smart city developments. The organization’s primary objectives are on the investment and development of premium quality smart cities in emerging markets with a special focus on Uzbekistan. We create economic value whilst contributing to the improvement of living standards through its innovative premium quality real estate products.

MJ Developers was founded by Mr. Murari Jalan, with a vision to create a company that ignites real estate economic growth and makes a significant impact on the socio-economic welfare in emerging markets. With over 40 years of valuable experience in various countries including Brazil, India, Russia, Japan, Mr. Jalan’s diverse global experience in emerging markets made him realize the need for effective solutions to improve people’s way of life by impacting how they live, work and play.

Our team consists of vibrant professionals from diverse backgrounds and specialist sectors. Combining a fluid range of requisite expertise, our young and dynamic team is dedicated to MJ Developer’s vision which centers around creating societal value through innovative and viable projects.

As an organization built on a solid foundation of values and as a responsible corporate citizen, MJ Developers recognizes the role society plays in the development of its business. As a result, the organization has adopted a comprehensive social welfare development strategy with a goal of addressing social challenges, putting special attention on rural areas. MJ Developers created the “Ishonch” (Trust) Program which is an integrated community development center aimed at aggressively tackling social challenges ranging from education & literacy, tourism, food, security, entrepreneurship and much more.


Resilience, determination, and professionalism drive our ability to achieve excellence in all our endeavors.


All our efforts are done in order to enhance living standards through building new lifestyles and igniting real estate socio-economic growth whilst capitalizing on innovative opportunities to become one of the world’s finest real estate developers. An abundant system of fundamental values and principles drives our operational approach in achieving our mission.


Our vision is to become the finest and most recognizable brand for innovative integrated smart cities across the entire CIS region and other areas in which we operate.



The organization’s exciting portfolio includes three integrated smart cities (Namangan Square-Namangan City, Minerva City – Sergeli Tashkent and Lake City – Bektemir) spanning over 200 hectares and a stunning 228 Room four-star hotel in Bukhara.